24 February 2014

Bella skin full release

 Bella is the first skin fully released with the new updated body (upper part). This upper body change does not affect the Slink hand appliers as i did not touch the blending area but will come with new breast appliers for Tango/ Mirage and to not make things more complicated then it is already ( old body/new body) i will include all boobs appliers in skin packs from now on^^
 There are 2 types of Tango appliers, skin and nipples:

 -type 1 should be worn with the cleavage 1 (on skin) for a natural light look

-type 2 is a "cleavage enhancer" applier and should be worn with cleavage 3 (on skin) for a more dramatic separation between breasts intended for bigger size boobs

Both types have two different nipple appearance ( A and B ) for blonds or brunettes.

Two types of nipple appliers :

-one softer compatible with light skin tones

-one darker with more contrast for a darker skin tone
 Come and try a demo! <3