18 April 2013

[theSkinnery]@Cosmetic Fair 2013

  [theSkinnery] participates in Cosmetic Fair 2013   (open April 15th and will close April 30th)
Cosmetic Fair 2013 is a mini fair, on a Homestead Sim with 25 of the best cosmetic brands.

        These are my new exclusive items for Cosmetic fair 2013  :
Baroque eyemakeup (black)
Blusher set (6 tattoo layers)
Pencil eyebrows set (5 styles-color change+one eyebrow shaper good for all , match for any hair color and skin tone)
Lace eyemakeup (white base-color change, endless possibilities)
Running mascara set (5 tattoo layers)
Gap teeth set ( ok mod for better adjustment to darker skin tones)
Cosmetic fair gift-You slapped me!
    adress:  COSMETIC FAIR 2013, MONS (213, 186, 7)

Hope you like! <3