18 March 2015

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Hello again my lovelies!

From last year Skin Fair to this year new round there was a huge break from posting on my blog but this needs to be taken care of, in less words here are the news for the month of March 2015.
All the landmarks for the events above will be listed at the end of this post.

[theSkinnery] is participating in a lot of exciting events! To take them chronologically first of them is The Arcade Gatcha March round that started on 1th where you can find Cristy skin until the end of the month.

The next event is The Chapter Four new round where you can find a few eyeshadows packs, tattoo layers, The Mesh Project Installers and Slink Visage appliers as you know by now the updates made it possible, yay! :)

As I said at the beginning of this post its Skin Fair time again! Judy skin, shape and mesh mouth appliers are my exclusive for this year.
Judy comes in 8 skintones, bare face, 3 cleavage on skin, Lolas Tango/Mirage appliers, Lip Intensity System (infinite colors for lips using - pick color tab), brows/no brows on skin, hairbase/no hairbase on skin, lashes alpha mask, eyeliner tattoo and 3 brow shapers. Shape sold separate.
There are also released mesh mouth appliers for Loud Mouth, PXL SweetLips and NyamNyam.

Judy is also released as installer for The Mesh Project heads, each tone has 3 lip colors included and base skin, brows/no brows and hairbase/no hairbase.

The red lipstick in the picture above is a Skin Fair gift so don't for get to pick it up while youre there  :)

And last but not least on this post is The Secret Affair participation. You can find there two sets of face paints that I hope you will enjoy. This round theme is Postapocalyptic.

Here are the useful landmarks :

The Arcade Gatcha

The Chapter Four

Skin Fair 2015

The Secret Affair

Happy shopping!

<3 Umazuma Metaluna