29 December 2012

[theSkinnery] for Pre New Year Sale@ Euphoria

The New Year's Party skin features Sophia (with teeth) in honey tone wearing a sophisticated/girly girl makeup great for any party or date : )
Shape can be found at the mainstore.
The sale event brings you all wonderfull creations for only 50L so go grab your favorites!
Happy Shopping!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Euphoria/13/97/21

21 December 2012

New VIP Group Gift-End of the world skin (Anais)

"Everything will change: December 21, 2012 will be a date of rebirth, the beginning of the World of the Fifth Sun. The nature of that world is not determined in advance, but the Mayan system suggests that it may be the beginning of a new cycle of Ages, starting with the Golden Age. It is likely to mark a fundamental shift in human culture and consciousness."

2013: The Beginning is Here
Jim Young, John Hunt Publishing (Jan 16 2011)

This skin comes in a new exquisite fantasy tone-black tea, and a delicate bruise makeup perfect for roleplay or just a very special appearance.
Wear theSkinnery group tag and touch the vendor to receice this gift instantly.
Enjoy!   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camomile/22/91/23

15 December 2012


Anais is the new face of december and the last skin of this year, coming with its own set of lipstick shades modifiable for easy customizing acording with the skin tone.Shape is sold separately.
See you at the mainstore! Hugs

1 December 2012

[theSkinnery] for The Arcade gatcha!


The Arcade Gacha Event is now open to everyone and  runs from December 1st to December 31st, 2012.Visit the shopping guide here for more details about the awesomeness of all you can find.

Iris is my new face that is prereleased at The Arcade in three skin tones-champagne, toffee and brownie and six faboulous makeups made exclusive for this event-Sushi,Winter,Pain,Maniac,Gold and Empire.
100ld/ play and demos avaliable.

Happy shopping everyone!

24 November 2012

    Hello lovelies,
   Skin Addiction's 3rd Annual Black Friday Weekend is here : )
    I made a 50% discount on one special skin pack from six skins.
Here is the list :
Sagal-ebony tone
Nola-Evening makeup in toffee tone
Byuri-Casual makeup in honey tone
Emma-Evening makeup in brownie tone
Kyoko-Casual makeup in champagne tone
Sophia-Evening makeup in toffee tone
How it works: wearing the Skin Addiction group tag you pay the full price that is 900 and get back 450 from the 50% discount. That easy! : )
  Have a wonderfull weekend all! <3   Uma

3 November 2012

Limited Bazaar new round! Stripes

This round of EUPHORIA's Limited Bazaar has a very catchy theme-Stripes and i allowed myself to go crazy with the makeups for two of my skins: Mirte and Jourdan.Both come with all cleavage options and eyebrow shapers and of course you can try demos first.More info about the event here .Have a lovely weekend all!

26 October 2012


New skin release -Jourdan- inspired by the british fashion model Jourdan Dunn is out in the store!She comes in eight skin tones with three cleavage options and brows/no brows (three eyebrows shapers also) and a lipstick kit with fiftheen shades present in all skin packs.Shape is sold separately.See you at the mainstore! Hugs     http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camomile/22/91/23

22 October 2012

October VIP group gift

Dont miss this four Halloween masks on tattoo layers just perfect for a wicked and scary look!Enjoy <3

15 October 2012

M I R T E + new body line!

                        The new face of theSkinnery M I R T E comes in new 8 yummy skin tones and highly realistic body features (try a demo to see for yourself ; ) ).As a plus for the three makeup versions i usually make this one comes with a pack of eyebrows and lipsticks sold separately(see above) so Yay! more choises for an original look.Hugs 

15 September 2012

Nicole@L i m i t e d B a z a a r

Nicole come in toffee tone with three cleavage options, pubic layers and eyebrows shapers for 133ld only 100 pieces for sale.After the event ends will no longer be for sale.Hope you like! <3 Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Euphoria/55/156/26

26 August 2012

11 August 2012

[theSkinnery] is guest @ The Dressing Room! YAY

Proud to be invited as a guest to this NEW eddition of TDR (Thank you so much Linka! <3) and I made a special makeup on Emma- Midnight-called her Emma2 cos i tweeked the first one a little bit :p, anyway see you here : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Imogen/207/151/30 Hugs!

6 August 2012

Vintage Fair is officially open!

                       I am proud to present you Sophia my new face for the Vintage Fair.She comes in three makeup choices for three distinct periods of time-Woodstock-Pin up-Flapper. All makeups have three brows options(no brow,light&dark brow),three cleavages and extra makeup&pubics on separate layers.Also new is the Flapper makeup which comes in seven tattoo layers-three face choices and all features on different tattoo layers for your fun to play with.Demos avaliable for all.See you in the Classic sim where [theSkinnery] is located!♥

28 July 2012

Vintage Fair is coming soon!

Thought it will be fun to make a collage with pics that inspired my creation for the Vintage Fair.Coming soon!! Yesss

22 July 2012

L I M I T E D B A Z A A R by E U F O R I A

I'm proud to be a part of the new event by Euforia-L I M I T E D  B A Z A A R. It is a bi-weekly LIMITED sale event meaning there are just 100 copies of each item and prices are under 150ld so dont waste time..go get your faves while you can!I made a special makeup for Byuri in toffee tone wich will not be sold after the event.Hope you like it! <3 SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Euphoria/55/156/26

19 July 2012

The Makeup& Tattoo hunt!

From July 15th to August 5th im participating in this amazing hunt that will enlarge your cosmetic bag with lots of goodies from all amazing stores participating.More details here :http://stuffmyinventoryhunts.blogspot.co.uk/ YAY!  Happy hunting folks! <3

14 July 2012


New face with all the features from previous releases.Come and try demos at the mainstore here :http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camomile/22/91/23"   <3

24 June 2012


Byuri comes in five skin tones and three makeup(bare face,casual and evening makeup) and has two brow options(no brow and dark brow) with three eyebrow shapers and three body cleavage to choose from.Also pubic layers come in tattoo and underwear and also some tattoo addons like concealar and extra blush.Shape is sold separately and please try demos first!Hope you like it <3                                                                      

25 May 2012

Skin Addiction'sSkin Showcase starts today!

             [theSkinnery] is proud to present Emma,my new face speccialy designed for the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase opened between May 25th-10th June where many great skin designers will present their gorgeous creations for you guys.Emma comes in five skin tones and three makeup(bare face,casual and evening makeup) and has three brow options(no brow.light and dark brow) with three eyebrow shapers and three body cleavage to choose from.Also pubic layers come in tattoo and underwear and also some tattoo addons with teeth and extra blush!Shape is sold separately and there is also a cute gift for the SA group members you dont want to miss. Hope to see you there : ))                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

6 May 2012

Project Themeory weekend!

Nola is Rock Chick for Project Themeory this weekend..i feel kind of sad cos this wonderful event is closing this month but an end means a new start so lets keep it positive guys! : )) have a great weekend!!

19 April 2012

Nola-new face!

This is Nola,[theSkinnery] new face looking pouty and uber sexy, she comes in six skin tones and three makeups: bare face,casual makeup and evening makeup.Also two eyebrow colors and three eyebrow shapers and teeth and pubic addons.Body has three cleavage options and shape is sold separately.See you at the mainstore to try some demos! <3

7 April 2012

Project Themeory weekend!

I made some pretty bold color glitter nails..hope you like! <3

2 April 2012

The last Fashionably Late!

 For this last edition i made an exclusive makeup for Sagal-The After Party and i also bring my latest release to be sold only here for the time the event is on-Organza Lipglass.Both items have demos so dont be shy to try them : )) hope you like!

11 March 2012

Tea,please!! for Project Themeory

Fun for party eyemakeup in five shades(tattoo layers).


Hii all i got fresh news for you and its all about the new skin line ive been working on since this year started.It was so frustrating not being able to provide dark skin tones so i had to start all new and i hope you all like how it came out.Sagal its the first face and comes in six skin tones-milk,champagne,honey,toffee,brownie and ebony.It is sold in skin tone packs with two makeup options on skin-bare face and glam rock and a separate tattoo layer make-up: Baroque eyeshadow in Exotique for a brighter color suited for party or fashion statements.There are two options for eyebrows as well-with or without so you can wear your favorite eyebrows or whatever color you want or not! and choose one of the three eyebrow shapers that work best with your shape.Teeth-bunneah teeth on tattoo layer and pubics are avaliable on tattoos and underpants layer too also body comes in three cleavage options all in one pack! Enough talking better come and try the demos here:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camomile/22/91/23"

29 February 2012

YAY february gift! have fun ^_^ (sorry for late posting!)

12 February 2012

Project Themeory-Maud in Kitty Luv exclusive makeup for this event

Also dont forget about theZombiePopcornHunt6 witch is ending o 15 feb.This is what you get:
YAY hope youll like it! Have a great week ahead! xoxo

15 January 2012

Niria released!

Niria comes in two skin tones (milk&caramel) and seven lovely makeup.Also cleavage and some v2 addons like freckles,pubics and teeth and shape sold separate.Come and try demos! <3

10 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

This is my  gift  for new years change, hope you like and it wil be in the subscribo until 15 ian. <3 im posting this late as usual,sorry for that : P