24 February 2014

Zoey skin @ The Chapter Four

You can find Zoey in the half price room for the new round of The Chapter Four ( Feb.)

Bella skin full release

 Bella is the first skin fully released with the new updated body (upper part). This upper body change does not affect the Slink hand appliers as i did not touch the blending area but will come with new breast appliers for Tango/ Mirage and to not make things more complicated then it is already ( old body/new body) i will include all boobs appliers in skin packs from now on^^
 There are 2 types of Tango appliers, skin and nipples:

 -type 1 should be worn with the cleavage 1 (on skin) for a natural light look

-type 2 is a "cleavage enhancer" applier and should be worn with cleavage 3 (on skin) for a more dramatic separation between breasts intended for bigger size boobs

Both types have two different nipple appearance ( A and B ) for blonds or brunettes.

Two types of nipple appliers :

-one softer compatible with light skin tones

-one darker with more contrast for a darker skin tone
 Come and try a demo! <3

Obscurity eye collection gatcha now available in store

A new collection of eyes that was released at The Chapter Four January round : ) Hope you like!

Puki Ears ( + skin applier hud ) - two types now!

Two types of mesh ears now available for you, the small ones at the mainstore and the elongated ones you can find at the We <3 Roleplay (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evanda%20Island/159/44/4002) event fo the february round.They come 25% off price only for the event duration.
The ears are super easy to match to all skin tones out there as the are ok modify and come with a hud to match theSkinnery skin tones.You can also wear your earings collection with them : )
Both types have demos to try!