26 October 2011

Mitsuko-new skin release!

Mitsuko is a beautiful asian face that comes in three skin tones has eight make-up choises and four eyebrow colors,three eyebrow shapers and v2 tattoo layers with undereye concealar, two tones of cheeckbone definition three blushes and two types of mascara. Also teeth layer and freackles so you have a lot of options to make the face special. Demos avaliable at the mainstore as usual ^_^

4 October 2011

October Hunts!!

October is a month filled with goodies,two hunts are going on and two skins awaits you to come and hunt them down.The Unknown Hunt:One! and Indian Summer Hunt are the wonderful events [the Skinnery] is participating with more info here: http://theunknownhunt.blogspot.com/p/fresh-hunt.html , http://indiansummerhunt.blogspot.com/  and my gifts are shown above. Enjoy!!...One more thing to say, Mitsuko is a pre release skin and i hope the full skin line will be ready for you by the end of the month.XD