25 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays from [theSkinnery]... and all the best in the world <333

22 December 2011

1 year anniversary!! for [theSkinnery]

First year of shop was a wonderful journey of learning and excitement and dreams and i want to thank you all of you who supported me through the year and believed in me, shoppers and bloggers, you are the reason im still here so thank you again and i love you all : ))

10 December 2011

Gold Idole (makeup&skin) for Project Themeory

Dare to look fabulous with this gold leaf eyeshadow in v2 tattoo makeup, three options in tattoo layers and two 'on skin' versions, try demos and...go crazy!!

5 December 2011

Fasionably late-Winter Lena

Week 4-11th december Fasionably Late exclusive skin,hope you like <3

[theSkinnery] for Legue of Christmas fair in December

These are my exclusive items for the fair but there is more to see and so many great designers stands,beautiful scenery as well so take the cab here :    "http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aleksandr/135/149/3006"  also all items at the fair are under 100ld : D and there will be a hunt starting on dec 15th!!!

I will post a few events that happened in the last few weeks...

Sorry for not posting when i should .So this was the Black Friday Weekend Sale!The skin was exclusive and only for the event.I hope you didnt miss it : D Then as you can see follows Lena released full make-up line.Avaliable at the mainstore.

12 November 2011

First entry in Project Themeory!

This is Lena pre release exclusive make-up for Project Themeory. The theme is " At the sockhop " and its a 50's inspired make-up soft and sweet..you should not miss this!

26 October 2011

Mitsuko-new skin release!

Mitsuko is a beautiful asian face that comes in three skin tones has eight make-up choises and four eyebrow colors,three eyebrow shapers and v2 tattoo layers with undereye concealar, two tones of cheeckbone definition three blushes and two types of mascara. Also teeth layer and freackles so you have a lot of options to make the face special. Demos avaliable at the mainstore as usual ^_^

4 October 2011

October Hunts!!

October is a month filled with goodies,two hunts are going on and two skins awaits you to come and hunt them down.The Unknown Hunt:One! and Indian Summer Hunt are the wonderful events [the Skinnery] is participating with more info here: http://theunknownhunt.blogspot.com/p/fresh-hunt.html , http://indiansummerhunt.blogspot.com/  and my gifts are shown above. Enjoy!!...One more thing to say, Mitsuko is a pre release skin and i hope the full skin line will be ready for you by the end of the month.XD

2 September 2011

New skin release - Scarlett

Scarlett is avaliable in three skin tones(milk,honey and choco),six make-ups,three eyebrow colors + three eyebrow shapers and teeth on tattoo layer and two options of freackles(for light and dark skin tone). 

30 August 2011

Yayy..Lips make-up avaliable!!

The Deelight lipglass and Deelight lipglass(teeth version) are gachas!!Isnt that awesome!!Its transfer and only 20ld per play....here  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camomile/7/111/23 and dont forget about the Eccentric Lipstick set in five colors, glossy and full of pigment!

New releases!V2 Make-up tatto for eyes

[the Skinnery] Fireworks glam and two sets of Queen's Gambit eyeshadows


This is Ressa-four skin tones(cream,honey,ginger and choco) -three make-ups in every pack(Nude,Beach party,Wood flower) with and without teeth and make-up on v2 tattoo layers(eyes lips and cheek).You can find it here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camomile/30/99/23

16 August 2011

I am soo lazy posting

I have to addmit i kind of forgot i have to post here...its been a busy summer but ill get back asp with old releases and very soon with new ones...thank you for understanding.

30 May 2011

new releases!

this are [the Skinnery]' cosmetic line first releases...hope you like them : ))

17 April 2011

Erin- 6 makeup option avaliable

6 makeup option shown in three skin tones with every brow type and mouth with or without teeth

12 April 2011

7 April 2011

The Unknown Hunt Spring

From 1st april to 30th april i am participating in this hunt for new stores opened after 1st november 2010

5 April 2011