11 March 2012


Hii all i got fresh news for you and its all about the new skin line ive been working on since this year started.It was so frustrating not being able to provide dark skin tones so i had to start all new and i hope you all like how it came out.Sagal its the first face and comes in six skin tones-milk,champagne,honey,toffee,brownie and ebony.It is sold in skin tone packs with two makeup options on skin-bare face and glam rock and a separate tattoo layer make-up: Baroque eyeshadow in Exotique for a brighter color suited for party or fashion statements.There are two options for eyebrows as well-with or without so you can wear your favorite eyebrows or whatever color you want or not! and choose one of the three eyebrow shapers that work best with your shape.Teeth-bunneah teeth on tattoo layer and pubics are avaliable on tattoos and underpants layer too also body comes in three cleavage options all in one pack! Enough talking better come and try the demos here:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camomile/22/91/23"