15 August 2013

Ming full release

Meet Ming.
She comes in Bare Face- 8 skin tones, 3 cleavages, no brows skin.
Shape is sold separately.
Also red and dark brows adons and a new Lip Intensity System in 6 levels inside every pack.
The Lip Intensity System is made to offer you a new experience in wearing the exact color of lipstick you are looking for, without the limitation of a pre made lipstick pack.
The base color is natural neutral and there are 6 levels of intensity related to the skin tones, like if you wear milk tone you choose level 1 or 2, for champagne will work level 2 or 3, toffee goes with 3 or 4 and so on for a light / medium color.
But if you need a bold dark lipstick wearing champagne tone you choose the intensity level 5 or 6 or you can wear brownie and choose a level 3 or 4 for a light lip color.Just mix and match.
You will see that level 1 can never keep the level of lips detail if you try to darken a lot so this is the principle of intensity levels. : )
Now open the color picker and find the perfect color/shade for your mood today. The possibilities are endless!Save all your favorite colors and name them as you want.

Thank you for your patience in reading all info^^

See you at the store to try Ming demos : )